SerenArT, Delicate jewelry handmade in Barcelona. In SerenArT we design and create all our jewelry.


We decided to create the brand after studying jewelry and gemology in different schools in Barcelona. From the first day I became in love with the old technique and art of jewelry making.  

SerenArT combines silver, gems and gold but also has its own creations in other materials. 

We are passionate of minimal, romantic and delicate pieces; our motto is always "Less is More" and this is the main essence of the pieces we try to design and create. We love looking for specific materials to use in each piece and sometimes this makes the piece one of a kind. 

SerenArT pieces are original, elegant and delicate. And made with much love!!!

Please also find us on facebook (SerenArT), on Instagram (@serenartjoies) Pinterest (SerenArT), and also on twitter (@SSerenart).

SerenArt pieces are licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial-Sin obras derivadas 3.0 España License.